6 Top Private and Public Schools in San Antonio

6 Top Private and Public Schools in San Antonio

  • Hayes Heritage Realty
  • 03/30/22

When moving to a new area, one of the most significant factors families have to consider is school districts. After all, an idyllic place to live doesn’t matter if your children are painfully bored from a sub-par education. Residents of San Antonio real estate are fortunate to have a multitude of outstanding private and public school options within a short distance of their homes. With so many in the area, it can be challenging to sort through, so here’s a quick guide to some of the best in this vibrant Texas city.

Health Careers High School

This ninth through twelfth-grade institution offers a stellar education with a particular focus on medical skills which can be used and applied in future careers. For any aspiring nurses, doctors, and EMTs of the San Antonio area, there’s no better school to go to. Ranked the best school in San Antonio by US News and Public School Review, Health Careers High School sets the standard on how to prepare teens for the lives ahead of them.

While at this school, your children can participate in accelerated learning programs, dual courses between the high school and local universities, and after-school programs like the academic decathlon. If your kids have expressed interest in the medical field, make sure to look at homes for sale in San Antonio, TX near the Health Careers High School to take advantage of this incredible educational opportunity.

Hardy Oak Elementary

While many of the schools on this list either cover all grades or only the older kids, Hardy Oak Elementary is focused on providing an excellent education to your younger children. The institution encourages leadership skills in these elementary ages and does everything it can to keep up to date with the ever-evolving world. Hardy Oak Elementary also has an involved school nursing system to help your kids stay healthy and understand the well-being of their own bodies at a young age.

With a very involved PTA which helps organize multiple events throughout the year, you can be certain your little one is a part of a dynamic community while receiving a strong education. Families who are looking for homes for sale in San Antonio, TX should absolutely keep Hardy Oak Elementary in mind for the outsized impact it will have on their quality of life.

Young Women’s Leadership Academy

If you're moving to your own piece of San Antonio real estate with a bright young daughter of your own, we highly recommend looking into the Young Women’s Leadership Academy. This is an all-girls sixth through twelfth-grade program where students are encouraged to engage in independent learning inside and outside of the classroom to grow their sense of agency and confidence as future professionals. Opened in 2008, the Young Women’s Leadership Academy was the city’s first all-girls public school and has been continually raising the bar for education in San Antonio ever since.

Any young girls in the San Antonio area can apply to this school, but The Young Women’s Leadership Academy mostly encourages girls around grade six to put in applications while admissions are closed after grade nine. Please note that, even though this school is public, the students have required uniforms. 

Keystone School

Named San Antonio’s number one private school by Niche.com, Keystone School offers education for children at all stages of learning – from pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade. Their student-to-teacher ratio is better than most schools in the area, with eight kids to every educator. With only a little less than five hundred students on their roster, all the staff members have more than enough time to help your child enjoy the best educational experience possible.

If you want to check the school out a bit before enrolling, there are virtual tours and guides online to help you make your final decision. Additionally, keep in mind the application process includes comprehensive testing. As this is one of the most esteemed private education experiences in this part of the country, families drawn to this should look for homes for sale in San Antonio, TX near the esteemed Keystone School.

Basis San Antonio Shavana Campus

Basis San Antonio’s Shavana Campus – founded in 2017 — is one of the newer schools on this list. However, this public education program has already established itself as one of the best in the area. Any San Antonio real estate owner should be proud to send their child to this school. Ultimately, Basis San Antonio’s students are in the top 5% for test scores in the state with, according to US News, a 100% college readiness score.

Being a Shanvana “dragon” will be an exciting, fulfilling experience for your child. Students here take specialized classes in specific fields to learn the best generalized problem-solving lessons. This school also offers after-school activities, summer programs, and more, so if you’re looking for homes near Basis San Antonio’s Shavana Campus, you’ll be fortunate to have a great education for your kids.

St. Mary’s Hall

As far as private schools go, St. Mary’s Hall has almost everything you could dream of. They offer fine arts programs, college counseling, top-tier athletics, and more. They’re known for an interactive, integrated learning process that gets the students making connections between disciplines to give them a more complex and comprehensive knowledge of all subjects. Your kids can look forward to studying abroad, completing a variety of language studies, and the unique gift of spending twelve years of schooling with the same friends.

To get into this program, your child must take a test – either the Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test or the Independent School Entrance Exam. You and your kids will probably have to study extra while preparing your application, but many alumni and their parents have said the hard work is worth it. Like many private schools, St. Mary’s Hall has school uniforms and slightly stricter rules, so make sure your child is aware of this ahead of time.

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