Best Time to Sell San Antonio Real Estate?

Best Time to Sell San Antonio Real Estate?

  • Hayes Heritage Realty
  • 12/19/22

San Antonio is the second-most populous city in the state of Texas. Boasting a population of over 1.5 million residents, the city has been on a steady increase in growth since the early 2000s. Additionally, the city hosts around 32 million tourists each year, making it an excellent location for Airbnb hosts. Due to its expanding population, owning real estate in the area is bound to pay off in the end when you eventually sell it.

The San Antonio, TX, real estate market is currently hot as demand for houses outnumbers the amount of inventory. While prices continue to hit record highs, many are left wondering if waiting until a specific time will yield more return when selling their house. After all, even the hottest real estate markets have their spikes and lulls.

If you’re looking to sell your house in San Antonio, here is the best time to do so based on earning top dollar for it and selling it quickly.

The best month to sell your home for max profit

After analyzing the data from HomeLight, December is without a doubt the best month to place your house on the market in San Antonio to earn top dollar for it. Based on previous years, the selling price is around 5.13% higher in December than the yearly average. In order to really reap that benefit, however, you would need to list your house in September so that it will likely sell in December. As of October 2022, the median home sold price for single-family houses in San Antonio is around $323K, which is up over 8% from a year prior.

The worst month to sell your home for max profit

If December is the best month to earn top-dollar on your home in San Antonio, January is actually the worst time for profit. Even though it’s just one month later, January consistently yields the worst returns on investments. Based on the data, San Antonio homes for sale in January typically lose around 8.83% less in selling price than the yearly average. Therefore, if you wait until October to list your house on the market, it likely won’t sell until January, which will probably result in lower profits.

The best month to sell your house quickly

It’s not all about profit when selling real estate. Some homeowners need to turn their house around fast, whether it’s because they’re moving to a new area for work or they already bought a new home. Because of that, many homeowners may need to know which month yields the quickest turnaround in real estate.

In San Antonio, the quickest month to close on your house for sale is likely July. On average, houses last six days less on the market in July than the rest of the year. Since houses generally take around three months from list to close in San Antonio, if you listed your house in April, you would likely sell it six days sooner than if you listed it any other time of the year.

The worst month to sell your house quickly

In comparison, the data shows that the worst time to sell your house quickly in San Antonio is February. Because houses listed for sale in February last an average of nine days longer on the market, it’s best to avoid this month if you’re looking to sell your house quickly. This means that listing San Antonio homes for sale in November would likely result in the house staying on the market for nine days longer than any other time of the year.

Factors to help your home sell faster and for top dollar

Of course, just because you list your San Antonio home in December doesn’t mean you will earn top dollar for it. Likewise, listing your home in January won’t always yield lower profits. The same goes for selling your house quickly. Some houses listed in July last longer on the market, and some listed in February sell quicker.

One key aspect of selling San Antonio, TX real estate is making sure to price your home right. Although you may want to earn top dollar for it, pricing it too high will turn away buyers and make your house sit longer on the market. You also don’t want to list your house too low, or you will leave money on the table. Check nearby houses for sale in the area that are comparable to yours to formulate the best listing price for your property.

Impactful renovations are another important part of selling any home. Having an updated house with an impressive curb appeal will likely result in higher profits and a faster sale. These types of renovations can include a number of different things; however, they really boil down to improving the look and feel of your house. For instance, a fresh coat of paint and replacing light bulbs can easily help liven up any room.

Lastly, having a skilled real estate agent is crucial to not only selling your house for top dollar but quickly as well. Hiring an agent that knows the local market is one of the most important aspects of selling any house.

Find an experienced real estate agent

Any San Antonio, TX real estate agent worth their salt will know the best and worst times to sell houses in the area. Not only do they have all the insights into the market, but they also know the area as well as anyone else. Your agent can give you a detailed breakdown of when to list your house on the market and when it is likely to sell.

If you’re ready to put your San Antonio house on the market, contact the skilled agents of Hayes Heritage Realty today.

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