8 Home Interior Trends for La Vernia Real Estate

8 Home Interior Trends for La Vernia Real Estate

  • Hayes Heritage Realty
  • 08/12/22

Charming La Vernia is well known for its neighborly vibe and wide-open spaces. And while La Vernia homes for sale run the gamut from sprawling ranch estates to stone villas and everything in between, you want to make sure your interior spaces are stylish and up-to-date. When you are ready to refresh your living space, here are some of the latest trends that incorporate elegance and easy living.

Comfort is key

Spending so much time at home over the past two years has impacted design priorities. Homeowners seek peace, solace, and comfort in their homes, which is apparent in some of the key design trends we see for 2022. Comfortable and cozy furniture has replaced hard-lined pieces chosen for looks alone. Cold, square edges have been bumped aside for more curvy silhouettes and soft corners. Luxe fabrics that feel as good as they look cover couches, chairs, and pillows, while coffee tables have been superseded by cozy padded ottomans that serve double duty as seating. Relaxed yet stylish gathering nooks where family and friends can enjoy each other’s company have become increasingly popular as entertaining takes on a more personal, intimate feel.

The 1970s and 80s rebooted

Design trends come around time after time, usually redefined in some way to avoid being too nostalgic or kitschy. That rings true today with the reappearance of patterns and shapes inspired by the mod oranges and organic lines of the 1970s. Expect to see warm-hued terracotta, mustard, and mid-century vibes, like peg-legged furniture and textured upholstery. If that sounds a bit too mod for your personal taste, don’t worry. Timeless traditional pieces are also making a comeback — bringing the best of the 1980s to the fore while leaving some of the less-desirable 80s looks behind. That translates into the return of traditional details and signature pieces that exude elegance and luxury. Pattern mixing and skirted furniture are gracing well-appointed spaces, while select antique pieces give homes a sense of place and connection.

Down to earth

Warm coffee, burnt oranges, and mustards top modern color palettes, but so do other hues borrowed from nature, like bright greens, seafoam blues, and soft sages. Behr’s 2022 color of the year, Breezeway, is a versatile silvered green that reminds us of worn pieces of sea glass gathered at the shore. Patterns inspired by nature are also apparent in artwork, wallpaper, upholstery, window coverings, and floor coverings. Natural textures like hewn wood, stone, and terra cotta lend warmth to rooms while anchoring our spaces in the natural world.


Sustainability is increasingly important to home buyers, so updates to La Vernia homes for sale should be made with a conscientious focus on going green. Sustainable features not only make a home more energy-efficient, but they also make a home more desirable on the market, especially with younger consumers. Smart technology for energy efficiency, drought-resistant landscaping, and recycled or upcycled materials like recycled glass counters or green insulation all play their part in making a softer impact on the earth — and increasing the value of La Vernia real estate.

Vintage charm

The so-called “Grandmillenial” design theme draws a stark line between the chintz-covered chairs-and-teacup look of grandma’s house and its more modern, curated version of coziness. Lace and wallpaper are used selectively, with more contemporary patterns, while all-wood kitchens are replacing the stark whites and grays of recent years. Younger homeowners are looking for a sense of place and time, and they have discovered using family heirlooms in creative ways gives them that connection.

Peace and tranquility

As we have spent more time in our homes in the past few years, establishing spaces specifically designed for relaxation, meditation, and peaceful reflection has taken hold. Whether it’s a yoga studio, zen garden, reading nook, reflecting pool, or in-home spa, creating a customized space where you can achieve a feeling of peace and wellbeing is now being integrated into home design. Luxury baths have also become very popular, as have in-home spas and beautiful outdoor pools, establishing opulent escapes right in your own La Vernia homes for sale.

Beautiful outdoor spaces

Many properties in La Vernia boast large yards and well-planned outdoor spaces. This remains one of the hottest design trends, with homeowners recently rediscovering the joys of home entertaining. Comfortable outdoor spaces where you can gather with friends and family remain top features for those looking at La Vernia homes for sale. Outdoor kitchens with unique features like pizza ovens, rotisserie spits, or hibachi grills give a communal feel to gatherings. And outdoor recreational areas like bocce or pickleball courts let families spend quality time together at home. Swimming pools and shady pergolas offer a welcome respite from the Texas sun, while well-appointed porches and cozy seating give homeowners a place to relax and sip some iced tea. Finding a place that blends comfort and function makes a house a home.

Focus on Fido and Fluffy

The past two years marked an unprecedented spike in the number of people who adopted pets. And this detail hasn’t been lost in terms of home design. Homes with thoughtful pet-friendly features are more popular than ever. Fenced yards are top on the list, but so are custom-feeding stations, luxury dog houses, built-in pet beds, and interior pet play areas. Practical features like durable materials used in furniture and flooring also attract pet owners looking for a home that is comfortable for both them and their four-footed family members.

Find the right design for you

When you are ready to discover more design trends to update your own property, an experienced professional like Kristi Hayes of Hayes Heritage Real Estate can help. Kristi Hayes and her husband Chad Hayes know the La Vernia real estate market. With an insider like Kristi by your side, you can find the home of your dreams.

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